Ravi Sharma

Ravi Sharma


Name: Mr Ravi Sharma

Job Title: Consultant Paediatric Otolaryngologist, Head & Neck Surgeon.
Foundation Trainees Programme Director, Mersey Deanery
Honorary Clincal Lecturer, Liverpool University

Specialist areas:
• Children’s Breathing and complex Airway problems – Noisy breathing, snoring and Sleep Apnoea
• Children’s Hearing problems
• Neck Lumps and congenital masses in children
• Drooling in children

NHS Hospital: Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Private Practice: Spires Cheshire Hospital, Warrington & Spires Liverpool Hospital

Ravi Sharma’s practice involves specialised airway assessment and treatment of children with complex breathing disorders. Ravi’s interests lie in diagnosing, investigating and treatment of children with sore throats, hearing problems and sleep disorders arising from enlarged tonsil and adenoids. He is the lead surgeon for provision of surgical treatment of drooling in children.

Specialist clinics (Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool):
• Joint Allergy ENT clinic with Consultant Paediatric Allergist
• Complex Airway Clinic with Consultant Paediatric Long term ventilation and Respiratory medicine

Ravi has developed a rapid response team with colleagues from Alder Hey Hospital and Liverpool Women’s Hospital to assist babies born with potential airway problems.